Las Vegas Professional Makeup Artist | FC Scion Gala Video

While working in both fields, I have learned  that print makeup is quite different from video makeup. I was hired as a professional makeup artist in Las Vegas where I worked with a commercial production company called Tiger House Films.

Tiger House Films is a dynamic, multi-award winning full-service commercial and brand film production company headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, working in New York, San Francisco and nationwide. THF have the combined capabilities of an advertising agency, video production company, and post-production house.

Many brands enjoy shooting in Las Vegas as it can provide a variety of locations. For this particular shoot, I did makeup for actor, Vincent Veillon, and knowing the difference between photo and video makeup is essential for this type of job.

The TV show that we shot is a Swiss comedy show called 26 Minutes. They filmed in many different locations throughout Nevada. Since I really enjoyed the location, I am going to list down some of the things that make Las Vegas my favorite location:

  • Las Vegas is iconic. The city itself is a character, reminding the spectators of its fancy makeup and glittering lights, and people tend to associate it with party and fun.
  • Accessibility and flexibility. If you want to shoot in the dessert, you’re in luck! You’re already there, and if you want want complete isolation, it’s just a short drive away. If you want to shoot on the streets, there are several picturesque streets throughout the city. The city can also provide locations for various different types of shoots. Whether it would be TV shows, fashion, print, commercials, you name it, Las Vegas can provide it.
  • The city is busy with entertainment events. In Las Vegas, very day is a show. Entertainment is endless and non-stop. This creates job opportunities for artists, production companies, production people and everyone who is creative. As a Las Vegas professional makeup artist, you’ll have no trouble finding exciting projects to work on.

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