Los Angeles makeup artist | True Botanicals Social Media Videos

As a Los Angeles makeup artist, Tiger House Films hired me for their True Botanicals social media videos. We shot vertically on an Arri Alexa mini with an L bracket to flip the camera sideways.

Natural skincare brand True Botanicals reached out to Tiger House Films commercial production company in Los Angeles through New York Agent Quickframe Inc., to film and edit a series of social media videos for their line of skincare products. As a makeup artist, it was a great experience working with True Botanicals because their products are filled with natural and organic ingredients and their skin and body products promise results without toxins.

About True Botanicals: The skincare company based out of San Francisco, has a unique past. After being diagnosed with thyroid cancer, Hillary Peterson (the founder of True Botanicals), channeled her fear and frustration with the beauty industry into research—and a passion for creating pure, potent, and proven products that are good for people and the planet. Her bold vision motivates the entire True Botanicals team: a small but mighty band of (mostly) women based in Northern California.

Tiger House Films filmed the social media videos in Downtown LA in a photo loft with beautiful decor and sunlight. Our model for this project was Olga Safari, who has great energy and was perfect for this client due to her flawless skin. This was my third time working with Olga. 

It was a pleasure to work with Tiger House Films and True Botanicals on this project and hope to work with them again on another production as a Los Angeles makeup artist.

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Agency: Quickframe
Production Companies: Tiger House Films (USA)
Client: True Botanicals
DP: Jason Kent Carpenter
Creative Coordinator / Makeup Artist: Luca Buzas