Freelance Production Coordinator | Raw Gold Cosmetics Commercial

I got hired by THF as a freelance production coordinator. Tiger House Films Los Angeles brand commercial production company was approached by new cosmetics brand Raw Gold Cosmetics to create a series of brand commercial productions for their new line of 24k Gold Face Mask products.

The featured cosmetic mask was the 24k Ra Gold Mask which comes in a unique syringe style tube. THF brand commercial production focuses on the benefits of applying this product to the face and other areas of the skin, leaving the surface of the skin glowing and healthy.

In one portion of our series, the models in our brand commercial productions were all asked to give their raw reactions to the product before knowing what was being handed to them.

Our video production team was able to capture some very energetic and genuine model reactions to the product, ranging from their impressions on the packaging, to the way the mask felt during and after application.

THF brand commercial production team was able to capture multiple videos during our one day shoot for Raw Gold Cosmetics at the historic Mack Sennett Studios in Hollywood. Tiger House Films Los Angeles brand commercial production company created the video from pre-production all the way through post production and delivery of the project. As a freelance production coordinator I was managing the schedule, budget, the needs of crew members on set, and other general administrative duties.
Tiger House Films Los Angeles video production company worked in conjunction with a fashion photographer during our 12 hour brand commercial production day. The media was meant to give maximum launch exposure to the new cosmetics brand.

You can find our cosmetics brand video along with production Photos on the Raw Gold Cosmetics website:

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Client: Raw Gold Cosmetics
Agency: Tiger House Films
Production Company: Tiger House Films
Video Director: Jason Kent Carpenter
Production Coordinator: Luca Buzas
DP: Josh Allen