Makeup Artist in Atlanta | Filming in Atlanta, Georgia

As a makeup artist in Atlanta, there are many ways to learn how to become a makeup artist in Atlanta. Georgia’s film incentives provide thousands of jobs to aspiring actors, filmmakers, costume designers, and make-up artists. I travel a lot for work so I often fly to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Miami as well for different projects.

Getting into the industry is not easy. Originally I’m from Hungary, Budapest. One thing I always say is everyone’s journey is different. As for me, I started out by doing makeup for private events and friends in Shanghai, China. I lived/worked in China for 5 years which thought me to stand on my feet in every situation. The way I got into doing makeup for productions was actually by starting out as a wardrobe stylist. I got to know the production team, agencies, and clients and then eventually started assisting other makeup artists and the journey continued from there.

in 2017 I moved to the United States and my adventure continued here. I am very grateful for this decision every day because I found my place in the world where I can do what I love the most which are styling and makeup. I enjoy creating and the US is giving me creative freedom so I’m very thankful for that.

Being a makeup artist in Atlanta, working in different locations, projects also allows me to be flexible, research, purchase, and try different beauty lines, techniques. It is a very productive playground for a makeup artist and hairstylist like myself with such creative opportunities to work on various films, TV commercials, and fashion shoots.

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