Instagram Fashion Makeup Artist Based In Los Angeles | Young Rebels

As an Instagram fashion makeup artist based in Los Angeles, I constantly get approached with interesting concepts. This fashion brand film production was created as a result of inspiration to create imagery of wild rebellious American youth in urban-industrial Los Angeles.

Tiger House Films teamed with fashion designer Emily Daccarett. Our fashion film and commercial production team was able to execute an idea derived from an edgy conceptual approach. Our goal was to ultimately showcase her designs and accessories while telling the story of the aftermath of a jewelry store robbery by our by two young new recruits to a gang of hardened thieves.

Shot in a Chinatown warehouse, the Tiger House Films production team fully utilized the space, adding production design and smoke effects to create a moody atmosphere inside the location. Our main models for this production were Katherine Rodriguez and Eugene Huriev. The stunt performer / actor was Rage Stewart.

All of our models made this production memorable, their makeup had to match the edgy concept, this shoot definitely highlighted my creativity as an Instagram fashion makeup artist based in Los Angeles. It was the Tiger House Films production team’s first time to work with Katherine and Eugene and they were both incredible to collaborate with on this fashion brand video production. Rage is a veteran biker with the ability to play in great character as well as perform burnouts on his motorcycle.

About the fashion designer : ” Emily Daccarett is based in Los Angeles. Where the designer can be found working on her craft, from designing collections, draping, sewing painting on leather, molding and sculpting accessories to recording music. ” Visit Emily Daccarett’s website for more of her styles and collections here:

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