Los Angeles Freelance Makeup Artist | WikiHow Interview

As a Los Angeles freelance makeup artist, I collaborated with WikiHow’s team. They were looking for a notable expert to add to their Makeup articles by answering reader questions, giving advice, and telling personal stories.

Reading people’s advice has always helped me to learn so I like to share the tricks and tips that I’ve learned over the years. By teaching, you can customize your learning environment also – with online learning, whether you’re at home, on the road or at a friend’s house, you can create your own perfect space to look up the answer to your questions.

Online learning offers better opportunities to concentrate. – you can choose any place that helps you learn the material to gain a greater understanding of the overall body of knowledge you need. Thanks to WikiHow I learned so much from their articles and I can look up my answers anywhere/anytime.

WikiHow is a worldwide collaboration of thousands of people focused on one goal: teaching anyone in the world how to do anything. Everything you read on wikiHow was written by someone who wanted to help someone else. WikiHow is the world’s leading how-to website.

As a Los Angeles freelance makeup artist I’ve benefitted greatly from being able to look up how to’s on the internet. If I have a client that wants something specific I can freshen up my skills by watching a tutorial or reading an article before I go on set.

A couple of my articles as a Co-Author:









I constantly post about hair and makeup trends, please visit my Los Angeles freelance makeup artist page here: https://www.instagram.com/lucabuzas/

To see more of my work please visit my portfolio page here: https://lucabuzas.com/porfolio-2/


Client: WikiHow
Interview by: Luca Buzas