Professional Wardrobe Stylist in Los Angeles | BRAND’S TV Commercial

Recently 3388 Films found me to style a BRAND’S TV commercial shoot. As a professional wardrobe stylist in Los Angeles,  I was hired onto this commercial production as the key wardrobe stylist.

We had multiple outfits for the talent to match each of the brand’s products and looks. This TV commercial took place on location in Los Angeles in a modern house in West Hollywood. This commercial / branded shoot took 2 days to capture on camera. This particular brand already has a very established style so my job was to match this commercial styling to heir previous campaigns.

As a wardrobe stylist I had been working in Shanghai, China for 5 years where I had the luck to collaborate many times with Asian clients. Through my previous experience, it was easy to understand the type of aesthetic this client was looking for. In terms of color aesthetic, their products are packaged in red a green boxes so I used pastel colors and reds to highlight and complement their branding. We had multiple wardrobe options by the time of the fitting. Everything fit perfectly on the models so during the set, all I had to adjust were the clothes to look perfect the camera. I’m very happy  about how this branded commercial turned out and it truly highlights my job as a professional wardrobe stylist.

I had a great time working with Brand’s Worldwide and hope to create a lasting business relationship with them for the future.

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