TV Commercial Wardrobe Stylist | New York Life Insurance

TV Commercial Wardrobe Stylist I New York Life Insurance

As a TV commercial wardrobe stylist in California, I had the opportunity of working with Tiger House Films commercial production company’s team on New York Life Insurance videos multiple times during this year.

Our theme for this commercial video production was “Celebrating Milestones: Diwali”
Diwali is a Hindu festival of lights, held in the period October to November. It is particularly associated with Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, and marks the beginning of the fiscal year in India. In total we had approximately 15 cast members for these 3 videos for the same Diwali theme. All of our cast members were bringing multiple wardrobe choices and I prepared outfit options as well matching to New York Life Insurance previous advertisements.

A TV commercial wardrobe stylist is one of the most trending businesses within the fashion and commercial world internationally. What a wardrobe stylist does is pick the clothing and accessories for TV commercials, editorials, print or advertising campaigns and music videos produced by advertising agencies and production companies. This profession is really an essential element in the process of creating advertising campaigns and commercials.

As a TV commercial wardrobe stylist based in Los Angeles, I mostly work on TV commercials, branded videos, and campaigns. I really enjoyed collaborating with the creative team on this New York Life Insurance web commercial.


Creative Agency: Plan C Agency
Production Company: Tiger House Films
Client: New York Life Insurance

Wardrobe Stylist / HMUA: Luca Buzas

New York Life Insurance states as you begin the next chapter of your lives together, #Diwali can be the perfect time to start a new tradition of financial responsibility: #GoodAtLife

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TV Advertising Wardrobe Stylist | Kevin De Leon Campaign

TV Advertising Wardrobe Stylist | Kevin De Leon Campaign

I collaborated with WIN ad agency as a TV advertising wardrobe stylist on their Kevin De Leon Campaign. WIN is a media agency that creates strategic campaigns for engaging audiences, driving action and creating change.

I had two actors to style on this TV advertising project. I would like to explain my process as part of making this campaign:

I got call from WIN’s ad agency producer who had my contact through a recommendation. He was asking my availability as a TV advertising wardrobe stylist and makeup artist for this project, which was a political campaign spot for Kevin De Leon. After that he sent me a short brief by email and explained the plan for the shoot. Luckily, I was free on those days and had time to start immediately.

I began working on the pre-production by communicating the specific style the director was going for, which included showcasing a lower-middle class family. I received talent measurements prior to starting the production wardrobe shopping and began my rounds to find just the right color scheme and overall fit for the talent. We didn’t have time for a fitting because our schedule was very tight but I was bringing wardrobe options so we could confirm talent outfits with the director on the day of the shoot.

After the shoot with WIN as a TV advertising wardrobe stylist, I had to do returns and wrap out the project. I had to take care of the accounting as well and report how much I spent from the wardrobe budget in total, to the production team.

You can find the final video and the article on Adweek :

In conclusion I loved working with WIN advertising agency and hope we can continue collaborating on upcoming campaigns in the near future.

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