Hair and Makeup Artist in Los Angeles | Ergatta Spring Campaign

As a hair and makeup artist in Los Angeles, I had the luck of working with Ergatta‘s team on a 2-days campaign shoot in Los Angeles, CA. I did hair and makeup on multiple talents during this video production. The hair and makeup direction given by the client was camera-ready.

About Ergatta: Fast, efficient workouts perfect for any schedule. Easy to store with an elegant design. Ergatta’s gaming-inspired workouts are proven to keep you motivated to hit your goals.

Makeup + hair for fitness / athletic print commercials and major marketing campaigns are usually minimalistic and natural. When we are doing our photoshoot outdoors, chances are that we will be exposed to the sun for at least one to two hours so I always start with using sunscreen. I also like to use primers which not only help with prolonging the wear of your foundation but also add a ‘smoothing’ and ‘blurring effect’ to your skin. Huge pores look very obvious in close-up portraits, so it always helps to use a product that can cover the pores.

Eyeliner and mascara are also key elements for a minimalistic makeup look. when it comes to applying eyeliner, in many ways less can be more. When you are using brown or black eyeliner, you should be careful not to line the inner rim too heavily, Last but not least, remember to set your makeup so that your makeup stays on for as long as you need.

I had a wonderful time working with Ergatta‘s team as a Los Angeles makeup artist, I hope to create a long-lasting relationship with them in the future.

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