Canvas Rebel Interview | Celebrity Stylist and Makeup Artist

As a celebrity stylist and makeup artist in Los Angeles, I had the luck of getting interviewed by Canvas Rebel

About Canvas Rebel: Their mission is to create a space for artists, creatives and entrepreneurs to be able to learn from their peers through the magic and power of storytelling.  Their love of the storytelling format comes from our founding of VoyageLA almost a decade ago, where they ask folks to share the story of their lives and how they got to where they are today. They’ve been fortunate to expand across dozens of cities nationwide. Through their conversations with thousands of small business owners, artists and creatives they noticed that there was a need for even more storytelling – stories about their business or career that we might share at dinner or over coffee, but that wouldn’t necessarily make it into their memoir at the end of their lives; stories that illustrate the nitty-gritty details of what it takes to be successful day to day, how to build and grow a client base, recruit, train and manage a team or generate a living from your art.

From the interview:

” Luca , appreciate you joining us today. Do you manage your own social media?

I manage my own social media and I have actually been able to help other companies manage their social media channels as well with the skills I have acquired from my own career.

In the past 10 years as a celebrity stylist and makeup artist, I’ve had the privilege to work with many different clients and brands to shape their brand identities. I feel it is very important to have a social media presence nowadays because when a new customer comes to your social media channels they immediately see your work, your style, what you are selling and if it appeals to them or not. ”

You can read the full interview here to learn more about my journey:

I had a wonderful time working with Canvas Rebel‘s editorial staff as a celebrity stylist and makeup artist in Los Angeles and hope to create a lasting business relationship with them for the future.

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