Beverly Hills Makeup Artist | KAPLAN MD Skincare Collab

As a Beverly Hills makeup artist, I collaborated with KAPLAN MD, a Paraben and Cruelty-Free, Luxury Skincare brand made in California by Beverly Hills Dermatologist, Stuart Kaplan, M.D.

Dr. Kaplan believes that true luxury is taking the best solution, and making it simple. It is this philosophy that guides the meticulous creation of every KAPLAN MD product and ensures that each product delivers multiple patented ingredients effortlessly.

Working as a Los Angeles makeup artist, my clientele includes mostly celebrity makeup, advertising, commercial and fashion projects. As well as, red carpet events, editorial and beauty photoshoots.

In order to become a makeup artist in Los Angeles, I needed to perfect my skills and put myself out there. Working in L.A. gave me the right experience to travel anywhere in the world.

Working in Hollywood as a makeup artist is exciting. Refining your skills and showing off your unique talent, you can impress the right person and launch your career. Addressing your makeup skills for TV and film sets is crucial. With the leading quality of today’s technology and video, your applications need to be perfect. You need to know how the lighting will affect how your makeup application looks on the camera. As well as, you need to work on different clients every day.

I had an amazing time collaborating with KAPLAN MD, as a Beverly Hills makeup artist, I hope to create a long-lasting relationship with them for the future. With the support of KAPLAN MD, I can have my kit products fully stocked. Their products are truly amazing, I love to use them on my shoots.

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