TV Commercial Wardrobe Stylist in Los Angeles | ForwardX

TV Commercial Wardrobe Stylist in Los Angeles | ForwardX

I had the opportunity to work with ForwardX robotics luggage as a TV commercial wardrobe stylist in Los Angeles. As a commercial wardrobe stylist for photo/video shoots, I constantly need to dress models or actors for certain themes or products. This can involve planning the wardrobe, purchasing the clothing and accessories, fitting the models or actors, and staying on set to make sure the talent looks production ready. After the production days are wrapped I return the clothing and accessories.

In this corporate commercial video the production was going for a modern, business casual look. Our main talent had a very corporate dress code, his outfit had to look professional. The other cast included TSA agents, stewardesses and passenger extras for wardrobe styling. The shoot took place at an airport nearby Los Angeles. We were filming for 1 day. For this particular TV commercial we had to follow a strict dress code policy and make the wardrobe look like real TSA agent uniforms and stewardess dresses.

I love working in this industry as a TV commercial wardrobe stylist. My main focus is to bring order, organization and creativity to productions.

ForwardX is committed to deliver the most intelligent and intuitive-designed robotics, powered by the most cutting-edge computer vision and self-driving technologies. This is the first suitcase which has a robotic engine inside. Consumer robotics is currently being marketed to the public and ForwardX is one of many on the cutting edge of technology shaping the future.

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Shanghai The Neon City Instagram Makeup Artist and Stylist

Shanghai The Neon City Instagram Makeup Artist and Stylist

As an Instagram makeup artist, it is always challenging for me to create different looks that catch the eye of the internet audience. This project was one of the special ones that got viral attention. We called it Shanghai Neon. With makeup and styling alone, you can do so much to get the look and feel you are going for. In Shanghai the locations were already incredible and we just had to bring our imagination. As an Instagram makeup artist and stylist I love to bring in projects with futuristic elements.

I created the Instagram makeup and hair style looks for this project with a really futuristic vibe inspired by Blade Runner. From the clunky, utilitarian vehicles on the streets to the hulking megatowers that dominate the skyline, Shanghai is a city that’s both a vision of the future and grounded in the modern day. I used blue color neon eye shadows and matched with purple underline eye shadow and pink lipstick. We painted the model’s nails a neon color as well to get the full look.

For wardrobe styling we were going for a ultra modern look so we used MONCLER down filled jackets. The women’s Moncler jackets are athletic and have a street-inspired design. Modish urban shapes are fashioned from high-tech materials and down padding for an aesthetic that is as eye-catching on the streets and in the final pictures. I am very excited to have achieved our final vision for this project.

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Los Angeles Wardrobe Stylist | MTailor TV Commercial

Los Angeles Wardrobe Stylist | MTailor TV Commercial

Recently I was called in by Aris production house to collaborate on an MTailor branded TV commercial shoot. As a Los Angeles wardrobe stylist,  I was hired onto this commercial production as the key wardrobe stylist.

There were 4 actors to style and to make sure their outfits fit perfectly on camera, the director and I collaborated heavily on the concept and mood of the shoot. This TV commercial was shot in 1 day on a location where an airplane was built, dressed and used as set design.

Commercials and branded videos have always been a challenge because the pressure and requirements are very high for demanding brands. As a Los Angeles wardrobe stylist the standards of the industry require that I am extremely detailed and on my game at all times.

MTailor is a custom clothing company that exclusively uses a smartphone app which takes your measurements to create custom shirts, trousers, and suits. The concept of this company is to design perfect fitting custom clothing so this made my job easier, not having to fit each actor (it was already done for me!). All their shirts, suits, jeans, chinos, and tees are made of very high quality materials, the seams are neat and even, the fabric feels durable, and all of the buttons are securely attached.

Styling is one of the most important elements of any fashion brand campaign. It governs how your clothes look in your store and helps to ensure they stand out amongst the sea of similar brands on the market. Every adult male should own a suit—just pay attention to the shade you’ve got.

From Miles, the founder of MTailor:

“At MTailor, we are bringing professional quality custom shirts into the modern era. We make it easy, convenient and fast while maintaining an amazing fit and quality shirts.

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