Freelance wardrobe stylist | Birdies Slippers Campaign Video

Freelance wardrobe stylist | Birdies Slippers Campaign Video

As a freelance wardrobe stylist, I collaborated with Tiger House Films, commercial and branded content production company on video campaign for Birdies slippers. THF has the privilege of producing many fashion and luxury brand campaigns in both the video and still photography.

Our branded content production with San Francisco based company Birdies Slippers consisted of four separate videos for social media, hi-lighting different styles from their current diverse and colorful collection.

Birdies, is a footwear company founded by former Facebook and Ross Stores executives, Bianca Gates and Marisa Sharkey. The brand markets their products to busy, on the go women. The brand designs stylish house slippers that combine a seven layer sole for comfort and, a hard sole so that they are wearable outdoors like sneakers, the slippers sell for around $140.

The themes our branded content production company formulated with the Birdies team consisted of videos named the holiday, travel and evergreen spots, each telling a unique story surrounding one model. As a freelance wardrobe stylist, I had to change our model, Olga multiple times throughout the 2 shooting days and match her outfits to the different themes.

The holiday branded content production was appropriately marketed for the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, consisting of holiday decor, baking, shopping and table setting.

Our other branded content videos had our model making travel plans, going to the bakery, playing with her puppy and other fun activities all while wearing her birdies slippers. I had a great time working with Birdies and THF commercial production company as a freelance wardrobe stylist and hope to create a lasting business relationship with them for the future.

Tiger House Films production company worked in conjunction with the birdies creatives to implement a tight schedule with various location moves.

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Client: Birdies Slippers
Agency: Quickframe
Production Company: Tiger House Films
Director: Jason Kent Carpenter
Creative Coordinator: Luca Buzas

Los Angeles Makeup Artist | Birdies Campaign Video

Los Angeles Makeup Artist | Birdies Campaign Video

As a Los Angeles makeup artist, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Tiger House Films commercial production company team on their Birdies campaign video. I was the lead Los Angeles makeup artist, wardrobe stylist and creative coordinator on this project.

To create our model’s makeup look for this campaign I used Anastasia Beverly Hills products. Our clients were going for light smokey eyes, wavy hair and minimalistic styling. The process of creating Olga’s smoky eye was a simple 5 step process:

1) I prepped for the smokey eyes with a long-wear eye base

2) Applied a medium shadow on the lower lid up into the crease, then layer a darker medium shadow on top to build intensity.

3) Used an eye pencil and a gel liner in black color

4) Curled the lashes and added fake eyelashes for the more intensive look

I love my job as a Los Angeles makeup artist and I love working with a wide range of different looks and styles that my clients request. I get excited about working with luxury brands such as Birdies. I am always curious as to what I can contribute to these projects. Most of all, I delight in seeing my work used by clients in their social media posts, advertising campaigns, and websites.

Birdies are the most versatile slippers in the world. Birdies combines elevated style, luxurious comfort, and everyday versatility.

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Client: Birdies
Birdies Creatives: Adriana Kwicinski / Jaqueline Nassar
Agency: Quickframe / Joycie Bernstein
Production / Video: Tiger House Films
Model: Olga Safari
Creative Coordinator / Stylist/ HMUA: Luca Buzas
Production Support: Kyle Huemme, Don McNeely, Gene Owens, Jamie Sutor

Hollywood Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist | Solstice Magazine Publication

Hollywood Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist | Solstice Magazine Publication

I would like to share an amazing experience I had working as a Hollywood celebrity wardrobe stylist with Tarek Reed fashion photographer. I have already worked with him on a couple of projects,  his works are simply stunning. Tarek Reed is an editorial and commercial photographer, based in Boston, Miami and Los Angeles.

Our model for this editorial photo shoot was Lyssa Roberts, she is a Los Angeles based actress and model. Lyssa was very easy going and professional to work with.

Every story is what makes an outstanding fashion photograph exceptional and every story begins with an idea. Our idea for this shoot was recreating the old Hollywood on a film shoot so we matched Lyssa’s styling and hair makeup according to that style. As a Hollywood celebrity wardrobe stylist, I loved working on this project.

We rented the clothes from a showroom called Le Maison de Fashion on Melrose Avenue, a snug boutique features a range of stylish high-end designer fashions, accessories & shoes for women.

One of the best things about being a Hollywood celebrity wardrobe stylist is the opportunity to travel all over the world, discover new cities, locations and explore the places you love.

Solstice Magazine was created by Sebastian Santa Maria, a London based fashion photographer. The magazine is a high-quality publication with a view to giving fashion and photographically orientated creatives another platform for expressing themselves through the visual and written mediums.

Check out the finalized images on Solstice Magazine to learn more about our creative collaboration:

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Los Angeles Production Coordinator | Wikipedia x Paramount Network Project

Los Angeles Production Coordinator | Wikipedia x Paramount Network Project

I was involved as a Los Angeles production coordinator in this project. I collaborated with Tiger House Films Los Angeles brand video production company was approached for the second time by social media giant NowThis Media to produce a brand video production for Paramount Network’s primetime show American Woman and Wikipedia.

Set in the center of Hollywood at Neuehouse, this brand video campaign was produced to highlight women’s empowerment by bringing to light the fact that only a small percentage of Wikipedia article editors are in fact, women. As a Los Angeles production coordinator I was thrilled to be part of this project.

Teaming with Paramount Network and their new show American Woman, NowThis Media and Tiger House Films brand video production company were able to produce a branded video production of an “all women edit-a-thon”.

The venue for the event, Neuehouse, is a brand new office and event space in the center of Hollywood. The location is a venue at the crossroads of art, culture, film and creative business. It is an ideal location for a forward thinking brand video production such as the collaboration between Tiger House Films and NowThis Media.

This brand video production is intended to reach a global audience through various social media channels including followers of American Woman on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and various other social media platforms.

Following the trend of social media brand video production and branded media to promote causes, our team at Tiger House Films was able to harness our extensive experience in this particular field to shoot this spot all within a twelve hour production day.

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Check out the finalized video to learn more about our collaboration:


Studio: NowThis Media
Production Company: Tiger House Films
Client: Wikipedia / Paramount Network
Starring: Cast Of American Woman
Producers: Jason Kent Carpenter / Luca Buzas
Director:  Alyssa Kurtzman (Group Nine Media)
D.P.:  Josh Allen

Los Angeles Production Coordinator | IKARIA Resort Wear SS18

Los Angeles Production Coordinator | IKARIA Resort Wear SS18

I was involved in the project as a Los Angeles production coordinator. Tiger House Films has produced a behind the scenes brand video production for our Ikaria fashion commercial / high fashion photo shoot. The project is behind the scenes for the debut of their SS18 ready to wear collection in a gorgeous private home location in Palm Springs. Ikaria’s luxurious coverups are inspired by the jet-setting lifestyle and exotic travel destinations.

This behind the scenes brand video production captures a rare glimpse into the process of shooting our fashion video / high fashion still photo shoot productions. The technical process of the creation of these campaigns is seldom captured due to the fact that our Los Angeles production company only shows the final released and finished products for brands and agencies.

Our supermodel talent for this brand video production was Victoria’s Secret supermodel Barbara Fialho who is originally from Brazil. Our beautiful talent has incredible charisma and her experience over 15 years in the industry shined on camera . Her background as a ballerina gives her the ability be aware of her movements and balance for camera.

Tiger House Films video production team worked seamlessly with photographers Melis+Dainon to create a combination photo & video campaign for Ikaria. This is the second collaboration with Melis+Dainon and they are featured in the behind the scenes production as well.

Palm Springs is the perfect location for a high fashion video and photo production. The dramatic desert mountains provide a beautiful backdrop where nature and bright sunshine are all a part of the incredible aesthetic.

To view the new fashion video along with Melis+Dainon’s Photos on the Ikaria website, visit:

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Client: Ikaria Resort Wear
Agency: Tiger House Films
Production Company: Tiger House Films
Video Director: Jason Kent Carpenter
Production Coordinator: Luca Buzas
Assistant Camera: Robin Pabello
BTS Video: Ben Gabriel Shultz
Photography Team / Casting: Melis+Dainon
Model: Barbara Fialho
Makeup Artist: Carissa Ferreri
Hair Stylist:  Michael Kanyon

Los Angeles Creative Coordinator | Royal Enfield Interceptor Commercial

Los Angeles Creative Coordinator | Royal Enfield Interceptor Commercial

I have many different responsibilities as a Los Angeles creative coordinator such as coordinating the wardrobe, the looks for hair and makeup, and the styling in regards to the client’s requests.

I’ve recently lent my services as a Los Angeles creative coordinator and wardrobe stylist in two commercials for Royal Enfield and Tiger House Films led a company called based in Mumbai, India. was founded in 2015 under the direction of Arun Gopalan. Over the last three and half years, the company has worked on many different campaigns that have earned them some notoriety in the industry.

Tiger House Films is an award-winning commercial production located in Los Angeles founded by Jason Kent Carpenter, who also works as a freelance producer and director. The Enfield Cycle Company makes motorcycles, bicycles, lawnmowers, and stationary engines under the name Royal Enfield.

I worked on the Storytellers’ first American shoot as their Creative Coordinator on a commercial shoot in Los Angeles. We shot for five days in various locations including Downtown LA, Malibu, and Pismo Beach.

My main duties on this shoot included:

  • Contributing to the creation of creative materials
  • Handling day-to-day project tracking and management with internal cross-functional teams and agency partners.
  • Assisting in creating and developing briefings
  • Becoming familiar with details of the campaigns in order to keep the team on track
  • Asset management (workflow / timelines), transferring between internal and external departments, and ensuring timely delivery.

Since 2012, I’ve worked with many different clients from all around the world. When I had started my journey in Shanghai, I never could have imagined the immense amount of experience in fashions films, commercials, web and TV contents, and photo shoots that I’ve obtained in the last six years. Working as a Los Angeles creative coordinator may not be an easy task, but it’s a fun one nonetheless.

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