Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist In Los Angeles California I ANTA

Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist In Los Angeles California I ANTA

One of the most exciting projects I was apart of was working as a celebrity wardrobe stylist in Los Angeles, which is where I am based. But I have also worked on projects in places such as Shanghai, China, for a shoot with Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo for ANTA shoes. It was exciting because not only did I get to travel, but I also had the opportunity to style celebrities.

Currently, ANTA is one of the leading brands of shoes. Their models include a team of world-famous athletes who have excelled in their respective sports. They are a fantastic brand to work with, and I hope to work with them on future campaigns.

What is great about being a celebrity wardrobe stylist in Los Angeles for a sports brand is that I work with a specific set of products, and having my wardrobe choices narrowed down definitely makes styling easier. I love working with sports brands because I also get to experience their new products before they are out on the market.

I was able to work on the project because of RedPlus, which is one of the first agencies to work on fashion films in Shanghai. They provide production services from creative development, casting, location scouting, set design and post-production, with a team comprised of international photographers, stylists, creative directors, hair and makeup artists and illustrators.

Since I was able to work on so many great projects, I feel like I want to share some of the tips and tricks of the trade for those interested in entering the industry. I am a self-made wardrobe stylist and I continue to make efforts to build up my portfolio in order to show clients the years of experience I have attained, as well as skills that would be beneficial to their projects. I think the greatest advise I could give is to work on your portfolio and maintain good relationships with your clients.

I had an excellent time working with ANTA and RedPlus, and I hope to create a long lasting business relationship with them for the future. Take a look at the final print campaign here:

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Las Vegas Hair and Makeup Artist | HIDOW Print Campaign

Las Vegas Hair and Makeup Artist | HIDOW Print Campaign

Traveling is one of the best parts of my job as a Las Vegas hair and makeup artist, which was where I worked on a print campaign for HIDOW. For this, as with every job, my goal was to match the brand identity and create the appropriate makeup looks for the client.

HIDOW is a company that creates pain management devices, including massagers, heating pads, etc. Most of the products are designed for people with an active lifestyle, as well as those who are prone to different types of muscle pain. The overall look of the shoot was designed to target sporty and active customers.

As a Las Vegas hair and makeup artist, I was assigned to work on four models, and my goal was to create the perfect looks for each of them so they would look great on print. Since the shoot was for a sports brand, we did not want the models to be all glammed up. We wanted to create a “no-makeup” look, but not so much that the models would look plain. I also designed the wardrobe styling. When working with a sports brand, the style is pretty straight forward. I love it when I am able to pull off great looks, even when the available items are limited because it allows me to be creative with the colors and shapes of the outfits.

One of the things I love about my job is that it teaches me how to be flexible. Traveling for a job is a prime example of this. I love planning what to bring and checking what I need ahead of the shoot so that I can come to the location ready to take on the task.

Another thing I love about this job is that I get to work closely with brands, most of which I would personally use and recommend. Usually, the producers are very detailed when it comes to the instructions and briefs in regards to the shoot, and they really appreciate it when you take the time to study the client’s brand identity and ensure that the looks I create suits the brand’s image.

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Celebrity Fashion Stylist | Forever21

Celebrity Fashion Stylist | Forever21

One of my favorite projects was a campaign I did with Forever21. I worked with them as a celebrity fashion stylist for a shoot in Shanghai. It was a big project as I had to work with and create looks for 20 influencers, as well as recruiting a hair and makeup team.

For the project, Forever21 gave me options on what clothes, shoes, and accessories from their collections to style. Forever21 is one of the most popular brands in the world, targeting their clothes to a trendy youth demographic.

The influencers I worked with are KOL’s, and styling them was both fun and challenging as they each have their own brand and personalities. I created different looks for each personality and a variety of looks for each model including bohemian and free-spirited, sporty but leisurely, preppy, textured casual, floral, among others. The models had that trendy, Forever21 look and wore the outfits effortlessly. Best of all, the models were very easy to work with and the shoot went very smoothly.

Since I worked with Forever21 for this project, I’d like to share a few things I love about working as a celebrity fashion stylist with such a popular brand:

  • Choosing the Style – Having the opportunity to choose different clothes, shoes, and accessories gives me the excitement of mixing and matching many different items. I have the creative freedom of choosing the looks I want that would suit what the brand is going for in terms of the campaign’s theme.
  • Working with Influencers – Working with a popular brand means working with influencers. Today, influencers are everywhere from YouTube ads, to billboards, and everything in between. For this particular campaign, the photos were used as advertisement materials for the brand posted all across Shanghai.
  • Traveling – When traveling to different locations, you get to go to beautiful places such as Shanghai, where I worked for two weeks on this campaign. Asia has a huge fashion industry and beautiful cities that work wonderfully as backdrops for fashion shoots. Working as a celebrity fashion stylist will sometimes allow you to work on projects in some of the most beautiful cities in the world.
  • Expanding Your Network – One of the most important ways to maintain project stability stems from creating and expanding your network. Creativity and hard work go a long way, but you should also make efforts to help your portfolio stand out from the rest, and working with a popular brand can certainly help expand your network. As they say, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”.

Being a celebrity fashion stylist, shooting for popular brands, and directing a team of makeup artists and hair stylists can be a great experience. This is the kind of project I really enjoy working on, and I hope to work on similar projects with Forever21, as well as other popular brands in the future.

To learn more about this project, you can find the final print images here:

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Las Vegas Professional Makeup Artist | FC Scion Gala Video

Las Vegas Professional Makeup Artist | FC Scion Gala Video

While working in both fields, I have learned  that print makeup is quite different from video makeup. I was hired as a professional makeup artist in Las Vegas where I worked with a commercial production company called Tiger House Films.

Tiger House Films is a dynamic, multi-award winning full-service commercial and brand film production company headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, working in New York, San Francisco and nationwide. THF have the combined capabilities of an advertising agency, video production company, and post-production house.

Many brands enjoy shooting in Las Vegas as it can provide a variety of locations. For this particular shoot, I did makeup for actor, Vincent Veillon, and knowing the difference between photo and video makeup is essential for this type of job.

The TV show that we shot is a Swiss comedy show called 26 Minutes. They filmed in many different locations throughout Nevada. Since I really enjoyed the location, I am going to list down some of the things that make Las Vegas my favorite location:

  • Las Vegas is iconic. The city itself is a character, reminding the spectators of its fancy makeup and glittering lights, and people tend to associate it with party and fun.
  • Accessibility and flexibility. If you want to shoot in the dessert, you’re in luck! You’re already there, and if you want want complete isolation, it’s just a short drive away. If you want to shoot on the streets, there are several picturesque streets throughout the city. The city can also provide locations for various different types of shoots. Whether it would be TV shows, fashion, print, commercials, you name it, Las Vegas can provide it.
  • The city is busy with entertainment events. In Las Vegas, very day is a show. Entertainment is endless and non-stop. This creates job opportunities for artists, production companies, production people and everyone who is creative. As a Las Vegas professional makeup artist, you’ll have no trouble finding exciting projects to work on.

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Professional Wardrobe Stylist In California | Green Tea TV Commercial

Professional Wardrobe Stylist In California | Green Tea TV Commercial

As a professional wardrobe stylist in California, I had the luck of flying to the Philippines to style a TV commercial with the Shooting Gallery Asia production company team. It was a very exciting trip. We were shooting their Green tea TV commercial for three days around Manila. We worked with an advertising agency called GREY China.

As a professional wardrobe stylist, I love planning ahead. As soon as I get a brief about a project, I immediately have a vision of what the brand can use for the shoot. It helps make the actual shoot run smoothly. I prepared most of the wardrobe styling in Shanghai, China throughout my pre-production days. In Manila, I only had to source a couple of additional wardrobe choices to complete the looks. Another tip, for aspiring wardrobe stylists out there, is to always have a backup plan. Bring as many styles there as are available and is possible to use on location, especially when working in a place you are not familiar with.

Our commercial was for a green tea brand so the looks had to match with the brand’s previous advertising campaigns. Our main color was green. I loved playing around with the tones for this shoot. The art direction for this project created a really friendly, lifestyle and happy atmosphere for the camera. I love how we were able to harmonize each of the aspects of the production to create a fun commercial to watch. I personally like it when all these visions come together into one work of art.

A professional wardrobe stylist is one of the foremost trending professions within the fashion and commercial world globally. What a wardrobe stylist does is select the clothing and accessories for commercials, editorials, print or TVC advertising campaigns and music videos produced by advertising agencies and production companies. This profession is really essential to these companies because if not for the styling and branding, the message of the commercial will not be communicated across to the audience and customers.

I also had an excellent time working with Indie Go Media and Shooting Gallery Asia production companies in the Philippines, I hope to create more projects with them in the future. Shooting Gallery Asia is a TVC and Film production company that has a wide range of clients. They are a trusted name in production with projects spanning from Singapore, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, France, New Zealand, The Maldives, and Japan. They also do 3D CGI/Capture and Print, Digital Imaging and Original Content Creation.

Getting to travel across the world, is just one of the many perks of being a professional wardrobe stylist. But most of all, I get to do what I love and enjoy working with creative people!

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Professional Makeup Artist | Fundamental Coast

Professional Makeup Artist | Fundamental Coast

As a professional makeup artist, I was recently able to work with Fundamental Coast. I worked with them for the first time last year, and I hope to work on more campaigns with them. This project was shot on location around Manhattan Beach in Los Angeles. It took us two days to finish the shoot and I really loved the results.

Fundamental Coast’s brand is centered on the coastal culture including surfing, skating, action sports, etc. Most of their products reflect the lifestyle of their area. It was fun to be part of a shoot in such a good location. When doing makeup for lifestyle pictures it is essential to get to know the brand and to work around what the brand stands for.

Fundamental Coast is a lifestyle brand and as such, they wanted to create lifestyle looks. Doing makeup for lifestyle looks has become an easy job to do for me. They have a pretty relaxed yet fun feel in their products. The kind of products that you can use indoors and most especially for outdoor activities. Most of their apparel is for weekend escapades and fun trips. It was tricky at first to capture what a lifestyle look is, because it needs a degree of discipline to do the research on what matches a particular lifestyle brand, but over time if you are an experienced makeup artist, you master the techniques.

I want to share some of the practices related to being a professional makeup artist. Some of these practices have really helped me to become excellent at my job.

  1. Practice makes perfect

Makeup is also artistry, and personally, I practice a lot in order to achieve the level of skill I currently have. Despite my current experience, I still practice every day. Learning by experience will help you perfect your skill. It is worth noting how effective it is to learn from the experts as well.

2. Experiment and just go for it.

Most successful makeup artists have their own makeup style or expertise. I think if you like to experiment with makeup, then you will eventually get distinct results. There are a lot of makeup artists experimenting and going all out on creativity which push the boundaries of our industry.

  1. Stay updated with the latest trends

This is extremely important in my case. Having to work with many brands, I am expected to know what is trending. I must be current with the styles that are popular in the moment. Having basic knowledge will only get you far, but keeping your mind on trends and demands will keep you ahead of the game.

I am enjoying my job as a professional makeup artist and I love working with a wide range of looks and stlyes that my clients request. I get excited about working with brands and about what I can contribute to their project. Most of all, I love the delight of seeing my work used by clients in some of their major campaigns.

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Celebrity Makeup Artist Los Angeles | Essentia Billboard

Celebrity Makeup Artist Los Angeles | Essentia Billboard

Being a celebrity makeup artist Los Angeles has some totally fun perks. The other day I was at the Grove, and the advertisement I worked on appeared on the billboard! This is one of the projects I had fun working on, and what I am proud of, is that this particular campaign I did with Essentia called the Overachievers Nation was marketed heavily throughout the United States. We shot with the celebrity singer and songwriter, Arlissa, who flew all the way from London. She looked gorgeous in the advertisement.

My goal is to keep the consistent work I am getting as a celebrity stylist and makeup artist in Los Angeles who works with video shoots for big brands. For this campaign, I worked with STORIES International which is a trusted agency and commercial production company from Los Angeles. They have handled campaigns for well-known companies such as Sony, Subaru, KFC, IKEA, etc. STORIES International has a long list of clients on their website. The Overachievers Nations is directed by the talented Austin Will, who has done works for Puma, Nike, and other active lifestyle related campaigns.

The campaign took us one day to shoot. We did the production at Hotel Cafe which is a Hollywood club. I was excited to get my hands on the job to shoot on that day. I did the celebrity stylist tasks first and we started choosing pieces for Arlissa’s wardrobe. She was fun to style because she got the unique, fit and gorgeous look perfect for the Essentia brand.

After taking care of her wardrobe, we immediately proceeded to Arlissa’s makeup. For her makeup, we chose the natural look. The concept of the video is centered on what she does, that is why we want her to look as natural and comfortable as she regularly does. I really liked working on the look because she seemed effortlessly stunning in the photos, especially when I saw the ad on the billboard.

The advertisement was also shown on different platforms all over the United States. It was seen in print, online and billboard, including that one in the premium location at the Grove, Los Angeles. I always feel delighted when I  see a campaign I worked on, especially this Overachievers Nation project. Essentia was a great company to work with. It was a pleasure completing this beautiful advertisement. If you want to have a peek of the advertisement, you can also see the video on their website.

Essentia currently provides smooth tasting alkaline bottled water and has been popular with athletes who play physically demanding sports or go through lots of energy and demanding tasks every day. These people need to replenish and refresh after their arduous workouts. Arlissa was indeed a perfect person for this ad as she performs and burns through energy very quickly on stage.

Overall, it was a memorable experience and seeing the billboard made me realize how rewarding it is to be a celebrity stylist or celebrity makeup artist. Los Angeles is a great place for this profession. You get to meet amazing people and brands, and you get to see your work shown and admired by strangers as well as the general public.

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Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist Los Angeles | Downtown LA Photoshoot

Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist Los Angeles | Downtown LA Photoshoot

I would like to share a fun experience I recently had working as a celebrity wardrobe stylist Los Angeles. L.A. has a great community of creatives working with each other. Tarek Reed is the fashion photographer I worked with on this campaign. I have already worked with him on a couple of projects,  his works are simply stunning.

Celebrities and influences are some of my favorite people to work with because they have a certain energy that is contagious. These celebrities and influencers have a certain personal brand that they have achieved which makes each one unique to style. This group of talent also gives me a lot of options to create the looks that they can easily pull off. Working with them is always an adventure and experimental at times.

Tarek Reed is one of my favorite fashion photographers. It was a pleasure to work with him, especially because there are a lot of people he can pick for a celebrity wardrobe stylist in Los Angeles. We did photo shoots for a few projects for clients including fashion stores, showrooms and model agencies. We got a behind the scenes videographer to shoot a video of this particular collaboration. Working with a professional like Tarek Reed is a great opportunity to cultivate my work. We are currently in the process of submitting the final images for publication. It is exciting to see  the final products when you have helped produce beautiful photos. It is even more exciting to see them in publications.

During the shoot with Tarek Reed, I did my job as a celebrity wardrobe stylist. Downtown Los Angeles was our location. Many people ask what a celebrity wardrobe stylist does, so I’ll make a short list of the things I actually do during a project:

  • I select items including fashion items and props that a model can use for a shoot whether it is for magazine, billboards or other media.
  • Sometimes I also advise the photographer on what would look good in photos and items that are then chosen for us to promote.
  • I Communicate with celebrities/models, retailers, designers, brands, hairdressers, photographers, etc.
  • I also do makeup and hair styling for celebrities during a photoshoot.
  • Generally, I advise clients about what fashion direction they should take.

A celebrity wardrobe stylist may do the things listed above, and more, but the main goal is to make the model or the celebrity look good for a shoot whether on video or in photographs. It does sound fun, right? Working with different kinds of creatives and putting together something beautiful for others to look at.

So what does it take to be a celebrity wardrobe stylist? I found out after years of working in this job, that passion for fashion and unique trends is the first and foremost thing that a wardrobe stylist must have. Next to that, is a keen eye for beauty. What colors match the model’s tone? What items must be selected for the celebrity to wear to make the photographs stand out? These are all the things that I think about every day on the job.

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TV Commercial makeup artist and hairstylist | BRIOGEO

TV Commercial makeup artist and hairstylist | BRIOGEO

When I am not styling celebrity wardrobes, I also take projects as a TV commercial makeup artist and hairstylist. I was recently hired by an advertising agency to help them do the hair makeup for one of their clients, Briogeo. Working with hair may seem easy, but it can get tricky. But this makes it even more exciting job!

I want to also say a few things about my client Briogeo. Briogeo makes hair products which are specific to your hair’s texture. You can choose a product for repair, if you want to add volume to your hair, or you just want to enhance your curls. Their formulas are also free of harmful chemicals and irritants including sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, DEA and synthetic color.

What I did for this project  as a TV commercial makeup artist was to create before and after hair and makeup looks on camera for this production. This work was fun because I got to see the actual changes happen in real time on the models before and after I styled them. Starting with the before look, I applied the hair conditioner and other hair products. After washing and drying the hair, I created simple looks for each model.

Being a TV Commercial makeup artist and hairstylist is an advantage when you want to get jobs especially for advertising campaigns. It is a plus when you have this set of skills combined. You already have a set of skills to complete a look from A to Z.  For me, these two jobs combine naturally because I love making people look beautiful, having multiple skills to apply to my job is a bonus.

I want to throw in some tips for those who want to work as a TV Commercial makeup artist and hairstylist. The most important skill is creativity. And for me, I think creativity is in every one of us. Anyone can be creative. A hairstylist also needs to be a good communicator. The job gets easier when you know how to talk to your clients, and how to make your model more comfortable. After years on the job, I got to learn to be more open to new ideas and new techniques. You have to know how to accept feedback and comments and improve your work in the process. And most of all, a skill that people do not mention often is that you have to be interested in personal grooming as well.

Hairstyling for TV commercials is a little bit different from styling for editorial and other photography centered campaigns. This was definitely the case for Briogeo because they are a brand of hair products and the hair was the focus in this TV commercial.

How I got the Briogeo job was through an advertising agency. Sometimes agencies source TV commercial makeup and hairstylists, especially if you already have a list of campaigns in your CV. I love getting jobs from production companies as well. I also have clients who contact me directly.

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Top Makeup Artist in Los Angeles | Domyos Sport Print Campaign

Top Makeup Artist in Los Angeles | Domyos Sport Print Campaign

I was working recently on a Domyos print campaign. Luckily I have been told that I am viewed as one of the top makeup artists in Los Angeles, therefore I am often asked to take on challenging and interesting projects. We were shooting over one day in a Hollywood house and one day in Venice Beach. Domyos is a successful sports clothing brand, known for their sportswear focusing on Decathlons.

We were going for athletic-inspired beauty and sport style makeup looks during this photoshoot. The athletic minimalistic look is defined by bare-bones makeup with an emphasis on glowing skin and strong eyebrows. The hair is usually in a sleek ponytail or worn loose and wet-looking. During this sporty photo shoot, I had 8 models to take care of in terms of makeup and hair styling. I was going for minimal, fresh looks without a lot of coverage. “Fresh,” “sporty,” and “young” these were the keywords during this shoot.

As a top makeup artist in Los Angeles, I love to create minimal makeup looks. Bare-faced beauty is all about looking like you’re letting your natural skin shine through just a glowier, more even-toned version of your natural skin. To create these looks, one of my favorite types of make are moisturizers, primers, BB creams, mascara, eyeliner, lip balm, and blush.

Decathlon‘s main mission is to make sport accessible to as many people as possible. They would like to help, inspire and guide people through their sports experiences. We believe that being active and discovering new sports every day is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Decathlon has 70 sport brands under one roof.

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